MO._ Mattress And Duvet Cover Set


“I can’t find any stylish travel bed cover sets.”

MO: “Yes.”

The inspiration behind the M&D cover set arose from a MO team member’s revelatory travel experience. Unable to find any appealing bed set cover options for her travels, suggested that MO set out to conceive an earth-friendly solution. 

In all its simplicity and charm: the MO bed cover set comes with a mattress and duvet cover—to be used for the duration of your travels. Some think it matters not how an item looks so long as it performs its function, others believe form is, at the very least, as important as function.

1x biodegradable mattress cover (single-use only) / Dimensions: W200 x H230cm ± 1cm
1x biodegradable duvet cover with snap buttons (single-use only) / Dimensions: W200 x H260cm ± 1cm

Mattress and duvet cover designed to fit up to standard king-size beds.

MO inspired design and quality: 
The Mattress and Duvet Cover set is made of a biodegradable spun-bond non-woven fabric, which feels comfortable on the skin, similar to cotton; eco-friendly; and an effective protection from germs and bacteria.

As the material is lightweight, it easily fits into luggage without adding excessive bulk.

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