MO._ Seat Cover


Simplify your inflight sanitisation ritual

The travel / airplane seat cover is designed to easily cover one’s sitting area, acting as a barrier between the individual and the potentially compromised surfaces. Now you can kick back, enjoy a few movies, and rest your mind with one less worry.

Includes: 1x biodegradable airplane seat cover (single-use only)

Dimensions: W60 x H145 x L14.5cm ± 1cm (fits most standard airplane seats)

Universal fit with MO-inspired design and quality:
Minimalist design captures MO’s contemporary aesthetic and easily fits over most standard-sized airplane seats. The seat cover is made of a biodegradable spun-bond non-woven fabric, which is comfortable on the skin, eco-friendly, and effectively protects from germs and bacteria.

Ease of use in mind: 
Simply slip onto the headrest and around the body of the seat. The seat cover doesn't block the entertainment screen behind. Also, ideal for cinemas, long-haul train and bus rides, etc.

Easily fits into your carry-on bag, purse or briefcase. 

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